Likes strong IPA:s and Arsenal.

The one in our group who always advocates for stronger beer, adding more hops and the occasional flight to London to watch an Arsenal game.


Sour beer enthusiast and social media strategist.

Loves to discover new beer and has a passion for fruity sour beers. With a bachelor degree in Media and Communication, she's telling the story about our brewery to the world.


The chef that started brewing.

After more than 40 years in the kitchen it was time to try something new. Responsible for both the day to day production and for eating the last Cinnamon Bun.


With an eye for design.

All decisions about our colors, design and the look and feel of our products goes through Therese, who has an incredible sense for what looks good and not.


History expert and senior brewer.

The engineer that has been brewing for decades. The only thing greater than his passion for the history of Småland, is his love for a tasty IPA.


Computer nerd and beer lover.

Spends as much time trying to understand the underlying physics of brewing, as he actually spends brewing beer. Under the impression that he's only one brew away from the perfect recipe.